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Why not Shake it up?
Sometimes we just crave change. Instead of giving up on yoga completely, why not try a different kind of yoga? I've compiled a list with a short description of a couple of different types of yoga that you may have never tried. Why not shake up your yoga practice? -Bikram: This class is hot hot hot! The room will be heated to around 105 degrees with 40% humidity. You will practice 26 poses and can go as deep as you choose. If it gets too hot for you, you can sit in child’s pose or exit the room to get a cool breath in. Bikram is great for yogis of all levels. Make sure you bring a towel the size of your yoga mat and a big container of water. -Vinyasa: This class can also go by the name flow. You will flow from pose to pose. If you love to constantly move, you will love this class. You never remain in one pose for too long. -Kundalini: Kundalini refers to the energy of the root chakra which is located in the lower spine region of your body. Kundalini classes can be very intense, but very satisfying and freeing. Sometimes people even experience a kundalini high. -Ashtanga: Many people call this form of yoga “power yoga.” It is extremely, physically demanding. There is a distinct structure of flow for every class. -Anusara: Anusara was founded by John Friend. In an anusara class you will practice a lot of heart opening poses. The instructor will also speak more than in other yoga classes.
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