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5 Daily Yoga Exercises for Your Evolution

5 Daily Yoga Exercises for Your Evolution

Yoga is defined by many as a lifestyle. More than a method of fitness, yoga brings your mind and body together in harmony, bringing numerous benefits to the body. Here at Dragonfly Yoga, we not only redefine performance through our products, but we also redefine inner performance by encouraging self-love through internal transformation.

Let yourself evolve into the person you wish to become. Embrace the changes you need to make along the way. Indulge in your yoga practice, as you form a new mindset and outlook on life. Your evolution is your own, no one can define the boundaries or steps for you.

As you persist in your daily practice and transformation, we recommend choosing five of your favorite yoga poses to consistently do each day no matter what your schedule looks like. They can be simple or challenging, it’s all up to you. Just know that the motivation to let yourself evolve starts with your daily practice.

As a guide for you to start, we have listed our five favorite poses for you to become inspired or practice with:

Downward Facing Dog

Yes please! This pose is always a favorite because of the full body stretch in both directions. Decompression is necessary when looking to build yourself back up, so including this pose in your daily five is extremely beneficial. How beneficial you ask? Well…

  • Creates mental stillness, calming the brain in order for the nervous system to relax as well. No more nerves!
  • Strengthens the muscles in your shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and back; your entire body will love you.
  • Develops more space between your vertebrae, which allows your spine to lengthen.
  • Works your core… YES… this pose is considered an ab exercise!

Three-Legged Downward Dog

Challenge your body to move from Downward Facing Dog to exerting a leg straight up behind you with your foot flexed. Engaging all the muscles not just in the leg raised, but also lifting your entire body up a bit, you’ll feel the notion to accept yourself for the best you can do. A great way to start your day!

  • Your hamstrings and legs will adore you for this one as you deepen the results you receive from Downward Dog.

We are our own worst critic. As you lift your leg up and back, raising to the tippy toes of your other foot, you’ll push yourself to go as high as you can. This pose reminds us to do our best but to also accept and reward our best. No need to spoil shoulder alignment when only an internal need is triggered here.

Open Hip Dog

That’s right, fold your hip over. Opening up your hips is splendid for the mind. Without having to dig up all emotions that the body needs to be expelled, your hips do that for you.

Remember to do your best without throwing your hips off center. The engagement of this pose won’t show immediately mental results but will give you some headspace as your focus is elsewhere. Try to relax into this pose. Be nice to yourself.

  • Benefits the side body and hips, while also continuing the benefits of Downward Facing Dog and Three-Legged Dog. 
  • Emotionally release, as well as a good posture contributor.

High Lunge

Sometimes we wobble into our High Lunge or Warriors, which tells us our body is out of sync with our mind. Incorporating this pose or a Warrior is good for your everyday practice to include the notion of balance.

Stabilizing the mind in order to stabilize the body, or sometimes even vice versa.

The many benefits you’ll receive from a High Lunge pose are:

  • Hip opener for expelling emotions to the surface.
  • Toning and stretching out your thighs, glute, and legs!
  • Another ab workout, yes!
  • Great for your metabolism and digestive system as it allows your organs to line up properly.
  • Stretches and lengthens the chest muscles. A slight backbend here is great to include a small chest opener for your Heart.
  • Allow your spine to breathe!

Flying Lizard (variation)

Throwing in a few poses that challenge you is a good way to add a motivation to achieving personal goals within your physical practice. Flying Lizard is a bit trickier than normal poses, but this is one I have taken the time to learn and achieve!

Improving your focus and balance in your physical practice will help your mind learn to do the same, allowing you to evolve in your day-to-day problem-solving skills. Life will keep throwing new experiences your way, learning how to accept and deal with them (good and bad) is a part of your evolution.

I love Flying Lizard because it brings me these benefits:

  • Massages my abs as I strengthen my arms, wrists, and shoulders!
  • Instant headspace as you focus on balancing your weight on the back of your arms!


It’s a good feeling and confidence booster when you master poses you didn’t think your body was capable of, for me it was Pincha or Forearm Stand.

I have included this pose into my daily practice first and foremost to learn, which became frustrating some days when my body ended up in wheel most of the time. Perseverance is not without patience, a lesson I learned in my journey of Pincha.

Be safe about which poses you chose to include in your daily practice. If there are more challenging poses in mind you wish to work towards, make sure to attend a yoga workshop or sign up for a private yoga session first. Learning proper alignment and the steps needed to achieve your desired pose is necessary in accomplishing your goal.

Your five poses are unique to your and your transformation. We encourage you to let yourself evolve, embracing all change with a sense of lightness and positivity. Anything honestly is possible within this journey called life, especially a change of circumstances or destiny. Believe in yourself, and practice your poses daily to keep this notion high!

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