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Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Michelle Dorer


Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Michelle Dorer

Ashtanga yoga or “eight-limbed yoga” leads the path to internal purification, revealing the Universal Self through eight spiritual steps. Taking control of your mind gives you the power to control your personal balance.

This past weekend I attended Michelle Dorer’s Ashtanga Yoga Workshop here in Richmond, VA at the Richmond City Yoga Studio. Michelle is the owner of The Ashtanga Yoga Center in Nags Head, NC and has one of the strongest passions for yoga I have ever witnessed. Her friend of over ten years, Robbie Norris, hosted her workshop at his studio, Richmond City Yoga Studio. Those who attended her workshop took their practice to the next level with her guidance and wisdom of ancient Ashtanga knowledge passed down to her through her many instructors, mentors and long-term friends. Michelle has followed her practice all over the world, concentrating mostly in the United States she has also traveled all the way to Nicaragua, where she now hosts an annual retreat. Fourteen years as an instructor, Michelle guided the class through their practice, assisting with poses and posture to help take those to the next level.


Dissecting the seven Chakra’s after practice Saturday, Michelle explained the complexities of each, answering all questions and helping listeners understand how to sync the knowledge with their practice. It was interesting to learn how each Chakra could affect the one(s) above it. For example, how your (first) Root Chakra can cause turmoil for your (second) Sacral Chakra if you had a rough childhood. The consequence would lead to emotional instability or one might base their reactions on a past trauma. Sitting down with Michelle after her Saturday class, I asked her what her favorite Chakra was:

Learning about an instructor and their journey produces an incredible connection with existing and aspiring yogi’s.

“What is a yogi?,” Michelle asks, searching the room for the tiniest of inklings. Nobody addressed this question, and I could see it being hard to speak for it. With so many perspectives placed on what appeals to some as a form of exercise, and to others a spiritual revelation, a “yogi” could have multiple interpretations as we stand today. Michelle insists, “A yogi is someone who rebels from the norms of society. They don’t conform to any religion or to the standards set by dictation.” To Michelle, yoga goes much further beneath the surface than a simple exercise or way to calm the mind. She connects spiritually to herself and others through her practice, finding her purpose through all the nourishment it offers.

Great respect and undivided attention was given to Michelle this weekend, as she spoke of her personal journey into Ashtanga yoga. Her passion was easy to spot as she told of her mentors and instructors leading her heart to places all over the world.  Once someone touches your soul, you follow them … you follow them around the globe to continue learning more about them, what they do and even more about yourself. Michelle Dorer is one of those people you meet and never forget. I highly suggest attending one of her classes or workshops to gain insight into her world.


board of education Date 4/29/2017
Hi there all, here every person is sharing these kinds of know-how, therefore it's good to read this web site, and I used to visit this blog every day.
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John Date 7/12/2017
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