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Dragonfly Ambassador Program Pushes Product Limitations
The Dragonfly ambassador program is meant to "validate our products under the most extreme conditions." As a performance brand, our ambassadors are a critical part of the Dragonfly brand. Leaders in their yoga, meditation, Pilates, or Cross-Training niche, Dragonfly ambassadors define the products by constantly refining and improving upon the product design.  

Each ambassador has the opportunity to grow with the Dragonfly brand and gain exposure through its growth. Having a small number of products assigned to them, ambassadors pay particular attention to the products that improve and influence their practice. Each yoga style, Pilates program, and meditation practice has different demands that require specific design elements for a core line of products. Similar to the Patagonia ambassador program, Dragonfly ambassadors take our products to the limits of their design. 

Dragonfly ambassadors use the products daily to constantly test and improve on the integrity and foundation of the products performance. If you want to learn more about becoming an ambassador and helping make the best performance products, including yoga mats, apparel, yoga accessories, meditation, and Pilates gear, please contact us.

Morgan Lily Hollyoak Date 2/4/2018
Girl Aged 13 5ft Tall Wears XS Dragonfly Brand Clothing Trains in Aerial Silks,Hoop and Pole Lives in U.K.
Sophie Williams Date 10/16/2018
Girl aged 13 5ft Tall wears M Dragonfly Brand Clothing Trains in Contortion Lives in U.K
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