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Obama and Romney: It’s Time to Get on Your Dragonfly!
With the presidential elections approaching, I’ve wanted to be on my yoga mat more often, for no other reason, than to enjoy complete silence. I’m exhausted by the bombardment of political ads on TV with dueling (and grueling!) character accusations. I’m tired of unsolicited emails from campaign supporters, voice mail dissertations and Facebook banter among my politically charged friends. It seems like the only political-free zone these days is my yoga mat. So, this morning, as I finished my practice, I began to focus on my mat. Literally. My mind was fixated on my blue Dragonfly performance yoga mat, and I got to thinking, “What if Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would just roll out their own Dragonfly mats first thing in the morning and move through some sweat-inducing, kick-butt vinyasas and inseparably difficult balancing sequences?” Would they start their days differently? If Obama and Romney were yogis, would they approach their campaign with loving kindness and compassion? Would they practice the the restraints of the Yamas and observances of the Niyamas? Would they move with intention and breath? Could these men find stillness and patience before judging and criticizing? What would happen if these two guys rolled out their Dragonfly mats tomorrow? Who knows. If nothing else, perhaps they would both learn the beauty of the sound of silence. In any case, I’m thinking about shipping a Dragonfly to the White House for a January 21 delivery, compliments of a better world.
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