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Yoga Poses to Practice After a Large Holiday Meal
During the holidays we tend to eat MORE food than we normally would. 
We also eat foods that we might not normally eat.
Our body might have some trouble digesting those foods. Certain yoga poses can help ease digestion. Here are the top poses that will do just that. 
1. Seated Heart Opener. Sit on your heels. Lean back and place your palms flat on the floor 8 inches from your heels with your fingertips pointing away. Press hands into the ground and lift your chest as high as you can. Arch your back. Hold for at least 5 breaths.
2. Knees to Chest Lie on your back and bend both of your knees to your chest Hug your knees tight and rock your knees side to side (This will massage your intestines and get things moving). Release your knees and love your toes to the floor. 
3. Repeat One Legged Seated Spinal Twist bend your right knee and cross your left elbow over to the outer part of your knee and look over your right shoulder. Breathe deep. Deepen the twist and stay for five breaths Repeat on the other side
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