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Yoga To Go

Let's face it: some days, it's hard to make it to the yoga studio for practice. Maybe one of the little ones has a cold; maybe you have a cold; maybe it's just really really cold outside. It is commonly known that practicing inside a real yoga studio is ideal: you have the advantage of a live teacher who can modify and correct your posture, giant mirrors so you can watch your own alignment and adjust as necessary, a sense of community, and the energy in a studio is more conducive to a full practice. Because, the reality is, at home I'd be a lot less likely to hold tree pose for a full ten breaths than being inside a studio, in sync with the entire class. If you have a good command of yoga; if you have been practicing for some time and can put together a sequence of poses that will have you practicing over ten or fifteen minutes, you can really practice anywhere at anytime. The easiest way to do this is to practice the simple sun salutation with some extra asanas sprinkled in throughout. So, for example, after a chaturanga and subsequent downward dog, come into warrior I or warrior II, then repeat the downward dog and chaturanga and follow up on the other foot.

The easiest way to do yoga at home is with the assistance of a yoga DVD. As if in a class, you won't have to concentrate so hard on focusing on a sequence of poses (trying to think of the next right asana can be very distracting). Plus, with a DVD, poses are held for an intentional amount of time, matched up with the breath - a learned skill which can throw off your whole home practice if you do not practice correctly. There are yoga DVDs for every experience level and yoga style. Just make sure to move all of the furniture and breakables out of the way (obviously). If you are practicing on carpet, it is recommended to use a sturdy, professional-grade performance yoga mat, like our Dragonfly Performance Pro Mat. Not only will this increase safety, providing a rigid surface against an unstable plush carpet, but it will help you maintain balance and correct alignment. Yoga books and yoga cards are also helpful tools for the home yogi if you like to keep things low-tech.

If you are traveling for business or pleasure, it may be an interesting idea to mix it up by adding in a trip to a popular studio in the area, especially if you are out of the country or in an exotic location. Think of it: connecting with and having a network of yogis around the world! Yoga in a nice hotel room can be pretty luxurious as well. The problem when you are on the road or on the go is luggage space: no one wants to lug around a 6 lb. performance yoga mat and carrier on top of their pre-existing baggage. This is exactly why Dragonfly Yoga created the Dragonfly Natural Rubber Lite Yoga Mat. It's made of the most natural, grippiest material around -- natural tree rubber! It's 3 mm thick, so it's foldable, and weighs only 3.5 pounds. You can pack it right underneath your clothing in your luggage.

How do you maintain your yoga glow on the go? Let us know your favorite tips and tricks!

By: Amber Jennings (G+)

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