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Make Any Change With These 7 Steps

Make Any Change With These

7 Steps

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The steps below create an amazing rubber band effect. Instead of focusing on the problem or the bad, head in the opposite direction. Be mindful of how it chases after you, and use these steps to separate it from yourself until you can let it go for good!

Step 1: Set A Goal

Think about what it is that you want to change in your life.

Whatever it is that you want to improve upon, write it down. Understand why it is that you want to make this change; how does this affect your life?

Next, think about what feeds your soul. What makes you happy? Make a list of these things that build you up.

All of these things on your list are tools you use to build yourself up. They allow you to stand strong.

Step 2: Give Yourself Permission

Give Yourself One Day Alone & Do Those Things

Without justifying your time and making it “okay.” Put yourself first and make yourself be the priority.

Spending the day alone is a mission that you can’t prepare for.


You spend the entire day not going home, not checking your emails, not meeting up with friends or family . . . just you, a few items you'd like to bring, and the world.

Take one step at a time and follow where your heart says to go. Spend an entire day of doing only things that feed your soul.

You’ll feel weird. Like you’re not allowed or doing something bad.

Putting yourself before your responsibilities and loved ones is necessary though. For how can you give to anything else without first feeding yourself?

Step 3: Be Kind to Yourself

Be honest with yourself, you have probably put yourself through a little turmoil (at some point in time) with all the thoughts and ideas that pass through your head.

The “what if’s” can get you. Fear can get you.

Notice how you speak to yourself. What words do you use most often to describe what you’re thinking or how you feel.

Your body is listening to the words you say. If you tell it you are afraid or don’t think you are capable of something, it will react and move those words into actions.

In order to be able to give yourself permission, start focusing on how you speak internally and externally. Are your words proactive towards your goal...towards this change?

Step 4: Follow Your Heart

This corny statement definitely applies Dragonflies.

When taking the time for yourself to do the things that make you happy, make it count.

Make sure to use that time for the things that make you, individual you, happy. Expand your personal talents, the ones that bring you joy and give you a sense of destiny.

Certain things make you who you are. Your heart tells you when you’re in need of doing these certain things.


 Step 5: Mindfulness

The most important step in making a change. Being mindful of yourself and noticing when your words, actions and habits are fueling this negativity.

Doing this more and more frequently will help you separate the problem from yourself, taking note that it is not a part of you, and being able to then get rid of it for good.

Once you see the problem as a bad habit and less of a personality flaw, the easier it will be to rid yourself of it completely.

Step 6: Baby Steps

You can try to make this change cold-turkey, which would be absolutely incredible. However, the most efficient way to hold yourself accountable through this process is by mapping out some baby steps for yourself.

Make a weekly calendar for yourself. Include activities to do for yourself on certain days. Add more as the weeks increase, eventually taking at least 10-30 minutes a day to do something for yourself.

The goal is get it.

Step 7: Conquer

The final step in making a change . . . conquering all obstacles.

And believe me, obstacles will appear the closer and closer you get to retracking a bad habit. Your entire being will fight you on this.


As children, we are taught our inner perspective on life. We are taught what to believe, how to think, what is right and wrong … our inner core values

{ whether we like it or not }. During this time, we also may experience some negative words or moments that unfortunately stay with us.

It’s not your fault were practically a sponge for retaining information.

Conquering those internal words that inhibit this bad habit is the final leap towards making a change.

You have to replace that core belief with a new one.

One that brings positivity and kindness versus negativity and poor self-love.

Be patient with yourself. You can do anything you tell yourself you can do.

. . .

John Date 12/13/2017
John Date 12/13/2017
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John Date 12/20/2017
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Make Any Change With These 7 Steps
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