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Meditate Daily Even Within Your Busiest Schedule

Meditate Daily Even Within Your Busiest Schedule

The fact of the matter is, no one can work through a busy schedule without having a fully functional mind and body. Ruining your body from lack of sleep and high cortisol levels in order to check off your “to-do list” isn’t healthy. Stress is just not something you can use towards productivity. However, meditation is.

We need breaks. It’s just not an option to expect so much of our mind and body all the time. When you feel like you have to schedule your bathroom breaks, there are definitely still opportunities to give your mind some headspace. Even on the go. You may find it to help you be more productive and smarter about how you work versus running yourself to the ground.

You don’t need to schedule time for meditation, but you’ll find that the moments where you’re driving, walking, chasing your train of thought, and yes even going to the bathroom… are all good moments to give your mind some space.

Try incorporating these meditation tactics into your day:

Practice of Gratitude

Write down and make a mental list of things you’re grateful for. Everything, included our sanity and ability to walk is a gift, one that could be taken away from us in a moment’s notice. Don’t take advantage of your life and lifestyle. Take time to write down or mentally list at least 5 things a day you’re grateful for.

Calming Music

While driving between locations or meetings, or from home to work, play relaxing music. Find an artist, smooth jazz, or classical tunes that calm you down. Sound healing is very effective for crippling stress and anxiety from your mind and body. Thinking about how busy you are the whole day isn’t healthy, and you can actually get physically ill from this kind of constant stress. So for once, just listen.

Feeling your Breath

You'd be surprised how often we hold our breath. Something that should come naturally to our bodies can become befuddled by things such as stress, anxiety, illness, and more. We have to retrain ourselves how to breathe properly in order to excel and function at our best. Try taking 3 deep breaths where you puff out your stomach and chest, filling with air, to their fullest capacity. As you exhale, you’ll understand why this is so beneficial. You’ll feel it.

“Inhale Relaxation and Happiness, Exhale Stress

and Negativity.”


Change Environments

For some, staying in one environment for too long can produce anxiety. Our bodies naturally have an itch to keep moving, not remain stagnant. It can be hard on our mental state as well, which interferes heavily with work ethic. Grab you’re work and head to a coffee shop or calming environment where you can continue your productivity. Sometimes, a new environment can feel the same as shooting back a shot of espresso.

Put Down That Phone

It’s just not healthy. Human nature comes down to  just us and the planet, nothing man-made was already designed specifically for us. It’s great to have convenience, but being glued to your phone is dangerous. It’s also really stressful to constantly be in your inbox and on social media. Designate a time slot each day to check all your emails and social media notifications. The rest of the day is yours, not your phone’s.

Doing this also free’s up a lot of your time as well. It’s easy to get lost in thought trying to be both interactive with your surroundings and also answering an email at the same time. Tune back in, you’ll feel less stressed just doing one thing at a time.  


Observe How You Feel

It’s not often we take a moment to check in with ourselves when we’re in the mess. It’s also  unavoidable to have days where it all catches up to you beyond your control, sometimes causing illness or depression.

One minute, is all it takes, to stop what you’re doing and check in. Pick one word to describe how you’re feeling in that present moment and if it’s bad, find some way to make a shift to fix it before it gets worse.

Example: If you stop typing an email and think “ I feel overwhelmed.” That’s the first step before taking action towards one of the meditation tactics above. Grab your computer and maybe go outside on the porch or to a local coffee shop to get some fresh air. Or maybe a few deep breaths does the trick to give your mind some wiggle room.

Be kind to yourself as you try so hard to accomplish a “to-do” list that overwhelmingly keeps growing. Pick 3 main things to do that day and work on your hardest first, leaving the other listed priorities to accomplish later.

Remember, we are human beings. We were not designed to work ourselves into an unhealthy state. Know your limits and find methods to keep your body calm.

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