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A Great Way to Release Tension Through Your Pressure Points

A Great Way to Release Tension Through Your Pressure Points


Some weeks are longer than others, and the stress produced during those weeks can accumulate and secure tension in different parts of the body. Overtime, those spots of tension can become knots, which may overtime need a professional to undo and heal. Release that tension and reduce your stress levels yourself. Try practicing applied pressure to the trigger points on the body to avoid built up tension.


Here are a few pressure points that you can work on during yoga or at home. In the photographs below, we used Dragonfly Yoga’s T-Spheres Massage Balls, infused with lemongrass and geranium, to illustrate the different parts of the body affected by this practice.



The two points right underneath the base of the skull, also known as the “Gates of the Mind,” regulate the circulation to your brain. Placing both massage balls underneath the neck up against the base of the head applies pressure to both of these points.


Great for headaches, migraines, blurred vision, insomnia, fatigue, ringing ears, fibromyalgia, stiff neck, neck pain, eyestrain, hypertension and mental stress. Add to your shavasana at the end of yoga to get an extra boost!



Heart & Internal Organs

Applying the massage balls on either side of your spine towards the base of your shoulder blades (you’ll know when it feels right) is absolutely amazing for easing heavy levels of tension kept in the body. These pressure points help with the function of your heart and lungs (cardiovascular and respiratory system), as well as your digestive system by targeting some of the internal organs including your stomach, spleen, liver and gall bladder.


Jackie, in the image above, shows where to apply the massage balls. Once you place in the right location, be sure to lie all the way back for best results.


Kidneys & Reproductive System

Apply pressure to the second and third lumbar vertebrae, right above your pelvis bone to wipe away fatigue and lower back pain. This practice contributes to the health and relief of your kidneys, bladder and reproductive system, which could be causing your lower back pain as well.



Get the blood flowing throughout your entire body by applying pressure to your femoral arteries. Located at the top of your thighs right below your pelvis bone, releasing tension from these pressure points is great to enforce all the arteries that supply fresh blood to every region of your lower body.


Great for the spleen, this increased circulation of fresh blood allows this organ to recycle old red blood cells faster, purifying bacteria and toxins out of the body.



Found in the crease on the back of the knee where the joint is located, apply pressure by squeezing a massage ball between your calf and thigh. This action promotes blood circulation through the popliteal artery, which helps the function of your bladder.


Your Entire Body

Rolling a massage ball under your foot, you can trigger back to areas all over the body. Check out the foot reflexology chart below to get an idea of where to apply pressure:


Foot Reflexology Chart.jpg


Infused with geranium and lemongrass. Geranium is marked by a subtly sweet floral aroma - in Ayurveda is used to balance Doshas. Lemongrass has a very recognizable earthy and citrusy redolence, and can alleviate achy joints, pain and exhaustion. The T Spheres Dragonfly Yoga Set is lightly infused so it won’t distract, but instead, delicately enhance your yoga practice. Aromatherapy is infused to release upon opening the set through contact with the olfactory nerve via inhalation in a patent pending process that leaves no oily residue. This stress-relieving tool is molded specifically to work with the human soft tissue to protect joints and bones and provide deep tissue massage. Simple techniques are suggested in the included instructional pamphlet and more advanced online in instructional videos

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