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Caring for your Dragonfly™ equipment and apparel is critical to make sure you can maintain performance for years.

How to Care For Your Mat

Clean your mat with Dragonfly™ eco-friendly mat cleaner after each use. Either spray a damp cloth and apply or use a wipe. Once the mat air-dries, it needs to be stored properly. Remember to roll your mat properly and store it in a cool and dry environment. While your mat can actually be washed in a top-loading washer, we typically do not recommend this. Also, you never want to dry your mat in a mechanical dryer.

How to Remove an Odor From Your Mat

Some mats seem to retain odors more than others. While we work hard to try to eliminate the odor, you may notice a slight smell. You can use a few tricks to try to get rid of the odor. First, giving your mat a deep cleaning may just be the ticket. Take your mat spray and spray the mat directly. Allow the cleanser to soak into the mat for 5 minutes. Take a wet cloth and work up a lather on the mat. Then, wipe off the lather with a fresh wet cloth and allow to air dry.

How to Care for Your Apparel

At Dragonfly™, we preshrink our fabric to make sure you can experience the same great fit at all times.  We have found that the best way to care for most of our fabrics is to wash in cold water and hang dry.  However, many of our customers have found that washing in warm water with a warm dry cycle (make sure not to make the dryer too hot) works great as well!

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