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What's the Deal with Marmite?


What’s the Deal with Marmite?

There has been secluded knowledge behind the health benefits of the American-banned product, Marmite. Made from the byproduct of beer production (brewer’s yeast), this British salty-flavored spread contains amazing insight behind brain science.

Similar to Marmite, Australia’s Vegemite is made with more added flavors and is considered less salty with a disliked tangy aftertaste by traveling Marmite lovers. Although they are both a yeast extract, Marmite is known to be a little bit healthier for you due to its pure form.  

What’s all the fuss about though? What’s the deal with Marmite? Analysts say it’s the high amounts of vitamin B12. Apparently, Marmite has 116 times more B12 and three times as much B6 than peanut butter! Experiments conducted by the University of York in Northern England concluded that a teaspoon a day of this byproduct result in boosted levels of a vital neuron chemical called GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid). This neurotransmitter is said to act as an intermission for over-excited brain cells. GABA helps provide balance in the brain by binding neurons and reducing their activity.

Conducted on a group of 28 volunteers, half of the group consumed a teaspoon of peanut butter everyday for a month, while the other half divulged one of Marmite. Comparing monitored brain activity, the group that ate the marmite showed a 30% reduction in brain activity towards flickering visual stimulus that the other group. Meaning the group with less of a reaction to the stimulus was able to remain more calm when the brain would normally start to panic or become hyper.

Research and experiments have been conducted to prove GABA has the capability to benefit our health in numerous ways:

  1. Cure Anxiety

By preventing over-stimulation and stress reactions in the brain, GABA can help dampen feelings of fear and anxiety, which often arise from overstimulated neurons.

  1. Help those with Neurological Disorders

Abnormal levels of this neurotransmitter have been associated with epileptic seizures, which means Marmite could help those with neurological disorders by balancing those levels.

  1. Aid in Better Sleep

Creating ideal conditions for good sleep, consuming natural forms of GABA gives a person an overall feeling of physical pleasure and mental tranquility.

  1. Help Immune System and Fight MRSA

The Journal of Clinical Investigation proposed that Niacin, found in great quantities within Marmite, can aid in fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria (like MRSA). Studies have shown high levels of Niacin could escalate the immune system’s capability to annihilate multiple strains of staphylococcus bacteria by up to 1,000 times.   

  1. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Because of its’ high content of Vitamin B1, Marmite could be highly favorable for avoiding cardiovascular disease, especially among diabetics.

  1. Cure Hangovers

Since alcohol consumption depletes your body’s store of B vitamins, Marmite can restore those vitamins in the body at a rapid rate in order to feel better faster.

  1. Help Morning Sickness & Great for Pregnant Women

Essential for pregnant women, folic acid found in Marmite is great for not only the the development of a child, but also for the morning sickness that tends to follow.  

The results from the experiment suggested a daily consumption of Marmite could have a long term impact on the body, as the results were noted to last up to eight weeks. However appealing it is to skip out on the inclusion of this dense salty spread into your diet and revert to taking daily supplements… don’t. Scientists have found that GABA supplements are not as good for you as consuming it naturally. GABA cannot effectively reach your brain through supplements, if at all. Pill form of GABA is unable to cross from your circulating blood supply (blood brain barrier) into the cerebral cortex. In order for it to work and produce the amazing results listed above, it needs to be produced naturally within the cortex.

Eating a teaspoon of Marmite a day can result in a feeling of calm and emotional balance in addition to multiple health benefits.

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