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What to expect in an Aerial Yoga Class

What to expect in an Aerial Yoga Class

If you haven’t been to an aerial yoga class before, you might have the same thoughts that I had before entering the studio of Fighting Gravity Fitness in Richmond, VA. Filled with eight hanging silk hammocks, each hovering over their own individual yoga mat, I could only picture myself trying to entangle my body within the fabric.

I pictured myself falling out of the hammock, or flipping upside down and getting stuck as my face turned blood red (which did end up happening only once haha). I wasn’t used to yoga suspended in the air, nevertheless trusting a sheet with your body weight as you continue to entangle yourself into different poses. I was nervous, to say the least.


Trusting the hammock was the hardest part for me. Sitting in the sheet or using it as a swing wasn’t the difficult part, it was when the instructor showed us how to place the bunched hammock above our tailbone, where we would then flip backward and catch ourselves by wrapping our feet on either side of the now hanging ropes. That’s when  I felt my stomach flip.

Yet, upside I went. And to my enjoyment, I loved how free I felt the moment my legs lifted from the safety of the yoga mat.

{My Dragonfly Yoga Apparel didn’t ride up or need adjusting during class}

Defying gravity was an incredible feeling. It was as if you had the capability to fly and really work with your body in a new way versus floor yoga (not hating on my lovely practice). It was almost like playing on the monkey bars as a kid. I started becoming more and more fearless as the class went on.

{This totally happened! Eeeeek!}

Following class, I wanted to know the benefits of this amazing experience. I wanted to know how it impacted my body differently.

Personally suffering from mild scoliosis in my lower back, I loved when I found a pertaining fact on reading another experience by Kathleen Mulpeter. She revealed in her interview with Dr. Stewart, that symptoms of scoliosis, herniated disc problems, as well as back spasms, can be eased and managed through aerial yoga. The doctor explained how hanging upside down can lengthen your ligaments and temporarily relax your muscles, just like when using an inversion chair.

{I have to got to say, I definitely prefer aerial yoga to a chair.}

Fighting Gravity Fitness gave me a wonderful first aerial yoga experience. I learned how easily capable my body was of distributing its weight mid-air, as well as how cool it was to execute yoga poses off the ground!

Put this experience on your bucket list yogis.

John Date 3/28/2018
John Date 3/28/2018
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John Date 4/4/2018
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