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Yoga Dance For Snow

Yoga Dance For Snow

“If it’s going to be cold, there better be snow.”

A phrase my friends and I always agree upon. Snow days are always so exciting and magical. They remind us of our inner child and create a silent, black and white world around us. Everything looks different and feels different too.

Incorporating yoga poses that remind us of our favorite activities and sports we love to do when it snows, I have created a yoga sequence below that encompasses everything we love about the snow… in order to tell mother nature to let the snowflakes pour down!

Let it snow with this yoga dance:

Catch Snowflakes

  1. Seated Position: Start in a seated position. After 3-5 deep breaths, set your intention with hands to heart and reach up to the sky releasing it into the universe. Catch snowflakes on your cheeks and tongue.

Make a Snow Angel

  1. Side Arm Stretch: Staying in your crossed leg position, reach your right arm up and over to the left for a deep side stretch. Do the same for the left arm.

  2. Straddle Position: Extend your right leg out into a straddle position, reaching knee to nose for that deep stretch here as well. Extend your left leg out next, reaching out to that side. After each side has been executed, grab both feet and extend forward for a full straddle stretch.

  3. Seated Forward Fold: Joining both legs together in front of you, reach forward again grabbing both feet for a seated forward fold.

Build an Igloo

  1. Cat & Cow Poses: Come on all fours and inhale as you arch your back, looking up with your toes pointed down on the mat. Exhale as you round your back upward with the top of your feet flat on the mat.

  2. Camel Pose: Rise on your knees, reaching back with both hands to meet your ankles. Forming an arch with your body weight resting on your feet.

Play in the Snow

  1. Child's pose -> Downward Dog -> Plank -> Downward Dog -> Plank -> Downward Dog -> Step/Jump to Top of Mat -> Rise up to meet the sun.

Enjoy the Stillness

  1. Mountain Pose: After you have met the sun with both arms, pull your hands to heart and then out to each side (palms facing forward) with your best posture. Take a few breaths here and enjoy the stillness.

Build a Snowman

  1. Tree Pose: From your mountain, lift one heel off the mat and balance on the other, placing that foot above or below your knee. Lift your arms above or outward to build your snowman.

Snowball Fight

  1. Warrior 3: Coming out of tree pose, balancing on that same foot, reach forward with both arms and extend your leg back to throw a snowball.

Ice Skating

  1. Dancer: With the same arm as the extended leg, reach back and grab hold of your ankle. Lift upwards as your opposite arm reaches up for the sky.

  2. Half Moon: With your leg still extended, let go of your ankle. The leg still balancing the body, let that same side arm touch the mat to hold your body weight. The opposite arm (that was holding your ankle) reaches up to the sky.


  1. Warrior 2: Shift your body weight onto that extended leg, toes pointing to the side. The front legs toes are facing forward as both arms extend to the front and back for a straight arrow.

  2. Extended Side Forward Fold: Moving so both feet are facing the side into a straddle. Fold forward grabbing both ankles for a deep stretch.

Throw another Snowball & Relax

  1. High Lunge -> Warrior 3 -> Fold -> Ragdoll (spread feet hips distance apart and let yourself hang forward holding your elbows).


  1. Chair Pose: Come out of your ragdoll and sit in your fake chair with your arms reaching up next to your ears. Feet stay hips distance apart.

Play in the Snow

  1. Forward Fold -> Plank -> Cobra -> Rest Cheek on Mat -> Turn over onto back -> Happy Baby or Legs Up the Wall

Hot Cocoa by the Fire

  1. Shavasana: After all poses and movements needed for your body are satisfied, lay back fully extended with your arms out and palms facing upwards for deep relaxation. Rest here and enjoy for a few minutes.

Hopefully, this sequence will make it snow enough to partake in all these wonderful activities!

Happy future snow day Dragonflies


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